24 hour swing

Yesterday was a mixed bag. I wrote about sharing, caring, giving to others. Reaching out with unconditional love to family, friends, strangers, to those in need. As the day went on it became clear that I was on a downward spiral. I had no patience with myself, slow internet, demanding dogs and more so, self-worth. So these are the words that wrote themselves last night as I struggled in the dark and emptied my soul. This morning I’ve decided that I need to replenish myself so I can continue sharing my love. So today you get two for one.

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The road to hell

Is paved in stone.

The road to heaven

Is no better alone.

The darkness takes root

Alone with my thoughts

There’s no light left

For which I fought.

The deep dark hole

Pulls me in

There’s nothing more left

For me to give.


roger r coyle

4.27.2020 (evening)

#emptywell #replenishingmyself #continuegiving #unconditional #lifejourney #poem #poetry #wordsmith #quietthoughts #reflections #faith #hope #love


Although the well is empty

I’ll continue on my way

Giving first to self

Replenishing all my love.

My journey in life is varied.

It has taken many paths.

I will continue always giving

My unconditional love to all.


roger r coyle


Life Journey


After standing outside with the dogs this morning I posted

Sun gently rising.

Breaking of new light.

Crisp morning air.

Dreams of new beginnings

Floating upward

With my breath

Like clouds.


The last four lines really triggered something inside me. Dreams – are they floating upward and dissipating or are they ascending for their rebirth? A lot of changes have transpired the last year and a half and at times I have felt lost. I am trying to find my “me” again, to be more open with myself and to enjoy being who I am today – not who I was yesterday or who I’ll be tomorrow but who I am today.

We are here for a limited time and to live it in a shell is not an option. People, places, things happen on a daily basis – detours taken, words spoken, words changed. Hold it and acknowledge it. Everything happens for a reason and there are lessons to be learned. What we do with it is up to us. There’s a truth to be examined, not discarded. Maybe a conversation to be had, clearing of minds. Listening with an open heart and soul to the people and sounds filling the air. View life with eyes wide open on a daily basis – open to new pathways, new discoveries, new adventures, new views, new people, new places, new explorations, new writing.

I am here today and I dream, I hurt, I cry, I laugh, I love, I work, I play, I live in the moment. Today.


Work in progress

This has been a long, tedious, involved work in progress – still is.  I started with a different theme but after working with it a little, I realized it was not allowing me to do what I wanted.  So back to the drawing board!  With help from the Word Press Team, I settled on this theme and then had to learn how to set the headed, colors, fonts, and then today changed the Poetry and Reflections headers. I think I either turned more grey or lost hair from pulling it out but in the end I had great help from the team.  It may change even more but for now it is staying the way it is!

Reflections category page will be used for blog ramblings or sharing interesting posts.

Poetry category page will be used exclusively for poetry.  I will be adding some of my older writings as well.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you continue to follow.



July 4th

Celebrating the birth of our nation. The land of immigrants. We are all immigrants to this land called the United States of America. Maybe one day we can again be united as a nation based on love not hate, of acceptance not rejection, of diversity not prejudice, of inclusion not exclusion. We can all work towards reuniting this land of opportunity for ALL not just for some. One can hope!

a Facebook memory from 7/4/2015

Happy 4th of July.
Raise a prayer of thanksgiving for the freedoms we inherited, the opportunities available to us and the democracy in which we live. Today we celebrate our diverse Country – a melting pot of many cultures, beliefs, religions, etc. Give thanks for our diversity with an open heart and mind. It is that diversity that makes us strong.

Thank you